Sunday, June 20, 2010

Knitting tourist

This story starts long ago. One could start it in the seventies, but I think we can safely say that my part of the story begins in 2005. At that time, I was in Cambridge, and I had met Rosie and Liz, and they were blogging, too, and another Mary knew them and read their blogs and somehow came to mine. Phew.

So we made the odd comment on each others' blogs and sent the odd e-mail, and I moved back to Toronto and years passed! Then, recently Mary sent me a note saying she would be in my neck of the woods and shouldn't we get together? Yes, we should!

She gets to town, gives me a call. Stephen and I are out and the kids tell me, when we return, that she will call tomorrow (that is, last Friday) at 10. Great!

No, not great, I won't be here!

Messages are sent via Ravelry and e-mail. She phones in the morning, leaving a message at 11:04. I get in the door at 11:05! I go out again, leaving detailed instructions with Arthur, to get Elaine for lunch.

Then, the doorbell rings, and there she is! Nothing like the direct approach!

So, we have a cup of tea, send the now-fed Elaine back to school, and decide the thing to do is go to Romni Wools and see the sights!

Oops, some came home with me, though when I abandoned Mary and her husband down there, because the school day was almost over and I had to get Elaine again, she seemed to be acting with some restraint.

That might be partly because she can make her own lovely yarn! She gave me this wee ball of her handspun!

It is about 34 grams of wool with silk plies in as well. Bluish overall, but with all sorts of other gorgeous colours, which will all be much more visible when I make it into a nice little lacy scarf.

It was great to meet her and finally put a face to the name, and to have a proper chat, and a lovely afternoon.


  1. sounds like a wonderful meetup! (and what lovely yarn.)

  2. IT is great fun to meet people in person. One of these days I'll get back to TO and we can have a cup of tea. Or yarn shop...

  3. It was great fun for us too!
    We just got back home yesterday morning, having left friends in Fergus on Saturday afternoon.
    I'm just starting to catch up, which hasn't been easy as it was hot when we got here.
    It's been hot again today.
    Of course we did get some practice in on reacting to hot weather, while in Ontario over the past fortnight.
    Perhaps it was the heat, or more likely the overwhelming choice at Romni Wools that meant that I only bought an issue of Handwoven there.
    No yarn purchases at all on this trip, I must be slipping!
    I do have some fibres from The Fibre Garden down in Jordan to play with.


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