Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One pink sock, multiple loose ends

One sock down!

In the best of all possible worlds, I would have a deeper heel; this seems very short.

The yarn, Tofutsies, is nice to knit with in the hot weather, not sticky, not sweaty. But... have you ever seen so many ends on one sock!?

One of those joins is sort of my fault. I tried to get the yarn out from the centre of the ball and found myself with a giant yarn barf. I just kept working away, hoping things would sort themselves out neatly, but in the end it was just so tangled that I had to break the yarn at one point. But, then I found at least 2 more places in the ball where loose ends were just knotted together. I have wound up the rest of the ball and it looks like I can get the second sock done without any knotty bits, but I think this is miserable in a ball of sock yarn.


  1. well the socks looks fantastic!!!

    just keep telling yourself that whilst weaving in all those dreadful ends!

  2. The socks are pretty and they soften and plump up a lot when washed. But all those ends!!! Not fun.

  3. Nice sock. And I think maybe that's the price we pay when not using wool. I find more ends in other fibers.


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