Friday, December 02, 2016

A hint of things to come

Once upon a time, I picked up a cookbook that my neighbour was getting rid of. It was the Centennial Year Cook Book of the Timmins chapter of the Hadassah Daughters of Isreal. (Second edition!)

My neighbour's onetime mother-in-law had contributed many recipes, but this lady, Mrs Mark Hoffman, was very generous as well, especially with the "things in Jello" recipes. I can tell you now that I couldn't find julienned beets in a can, and had to julienne canned sliced beets. I can also tell you that a canned beet has virtually no flavour. I assume the horseradish and lemon jelly will be sufficient!

It's all a bit hard to photograph, but somehow when I unmold it tomorrow, I'll show you in all its glory. (I hope!)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The last day of November

Another NaBloPoMo done and dusted. I don't think I wrote every day, but pretty nearly.

I'm suffering from post-FO-letdown. After finishing the red and blue dickie-hat-extravaganza, I haven't really got into anything, although there are many things lying around here which I should pick up and knit a few stitches on. I got the pattern for the Peace Project cowl, and it is a wee bit boring, so I will try to think peaceful thoughts by knitting something a bit more fun than waffle stitch. I have that crazy pinky-orange stuff...

I'm also dealing with the dread "make all the Christmas cookies" sickness. I will mail some to Arthur and take some to a party, but there's not really that much need for cookies beyond the lunchbox rations. But so many tantalizing recipes....

I hope not to drop out of sight! Tomorrow I am a tad busy, and Friday I am a tad busy, and Saturday I am going to be really busy, volunteering at Elaine's school and then cooking and cleaning and hosting a wee doo in the evening. So, by Monday I will have lots to tell you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A dishcloth review

Once upon a time, not very long ago, I told you about knitting a dishcloth from some new-fangled yarn.

After a few uses, I can tell you... I think this will not become my new favourite. The cloth dries fast, because it doesn't actually absorb water. So, it's fine for pushing the soapy water around on a dish, but it is no good for mopping up a spill or wiping a counter.

I made a solid green one, and I have a purple one I carry around, but am not getting much done on. And when that's finally done, I think I will go find my stash of brightly coloured (though soon to fade) cotton and see what I can do!

Monday, November 28, 2016

A tiny bit of holiday preparation

We sometimes have a gingerbread house, and we have even had a gingerbread train, as I recall. 

This year we had the opportunity to get a gingerbread Millennium Falcon, at, I think, about twice the price of a wee gingerbread cottage. (And it seems to come with hardly any candies!) So, no, I didn't get that.

And because they'll take money from everyone, a Hanukkah house, with gold coins and regulation Hanukkah-blue icing. Nope.

I got the plain old house, with a big tube of royal icing and some not-great candies. I did bump up the deal with some extra mints and jelly beans. I hope to get it put together tonight.

Tomorrow, we might see a picture of a gingerbread house, or we might discuss the cowl knitalong I joined. Yeah, the mitten, I know... 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I wonder what's happening in Cuba today

Everyone to the Plaza.

When I was in Havana in May, 2015, we met a Canadian who had lived in Cuba for many years, had a Cuban wife and family, had a Canadian political science degree.

Plaza de la Revolución, empty

We asked him what he thought would happen when Fidel died, and while he wouldn't speculate on politics or economics, he did say there would be quite some funeral.

Fidel outlived almost everyone he dealt with, but I bet it'll still be quite some funeral.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Found some more treasures

I came across a few more pattern booklets that might hold some gems for my vintage accessory knitalong next year.

This one has rather ordinary scarves and slippers and so on. No novel teacosies that I recall.

This one is very glamorous. How do you make the hat on the left?? Shall we perhaps find out?

Toys and novelties! Ducks, doll clothes, and many bags.

Treasures! I'm not sure there is a pattern for the pirate hat, but that would be a great thing, wouldn't it?

Today you also get a free recipe. I am having friends over for dessert, and I have made coffee panna cotta. I once saw a recipe for something like this in a magazine, which had a photo of it being served in pretty china teacups. Of course, I have pretty teacups, so I had to make the dessert! Will report in tomorrow.

Friday, November 25, 2016

It's done!

The last thing I did on the dickie-thingy was a three-needle bind-off on the shoulders, in purple.

crazy, wild colours and patterns

That's because I ran out of blue and didn't want to finish it all in red. I figure a purple shoulder seam makes it look like I meant to include the purple all along.

Stephen, wondering if this crazy thing will ever be finished:

This is the whole, complete, ready-to-wear thingmabob.

Top of the hat part, smooth to fit under a bike helmet:

Me, gazing off to the future...

I hope the future holds a stranded mitten or two for me.