Thursday, December 07, 2017

Three on Thursday

Three things I will do in 2018. Maybe it is too early for this sort of thing? Naah.
  1. A π shawl, perhaps Shipwreck. I have some lovely laceweight that has been marinating and aging for a while and will be perfect.
  2. My Koigu sweater. Hmm, did I ever blog about all that, shopping for that lovely yarn?
  3. I was thinking of doing a square a month again, to make up a blanket by the end of the year. 
And then there's all those UFOs... I'll make a parade of them before too long. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

I made a glove

I have started to make gloves before, but ended up with mittens because I chickened out about making the fingers.

Turns out fingers are fiddly but not too terrible.

It helps, it seems, to use sport-weight yarn instead of fingering. The mitten has 48 stitches and these fingers have 16. Somehow, it seemed doable. And it was!

My only quibble is that my baby finger is lower on my hand than the others, but this pattern doesn't accommodate that. I'm sure there are patterns where you knit the baby finger first, then a couple of rows around before starting the others.

I have made the cuff of the second glove, no hiatus here.

(And, for extra bonus points, I took all these pictures of my right hand, all by myself!)

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Saturday sky and more

Here is some sky for you. Little clouds over the demolition of Honest Ed's.

While I was there this afternoon I took a few other pictures as well . 

If you enlarge, you can see the sign for Ladies wear in the stairwell

I think this is all great urban planning, but not everyone does
Yesterday I went to the ROM to see two exhibits: one on Vikings and one on Christian Dior. Both had necklaces, and so much more, but the lighting in each was not super bright, and most of my pictures were not stellar. 

All the Viking beads strung together. 

The Dior exhibit was simply amazing! Day dresses and suits, cocktail dresses and evening gowns, along with beaded and embroidered panels, shoes, and a few pieces of costume jewellery designed to go with some of the dresses. Fantastic!

I realised that there were some pieces of knitting that hadn't been documented correctly. Tsk tsk. So, here are a couple of dishcloths I made. 

The upcoming week is not too full of excitement; I might even get some dishes washed. 

Friday, December 01, 2017

And now it is December

Oh, here I could take a day off if I wanted, but there are things to report.

I hesitated about my December project. And we all know, she who hesitates is lost.

I was going to finish my Alice Starmore million-colour, super warm mittens. But then I thought, maybe I'd best just have a look at what else I could knit! I found a few things, then made a list and used a random number generator to decide for me what I should make, because who could make such a momentous decision?

The list was:
  1. Gloves from a wartime Red Cross booklet -- these booklets came in the Yellow Pages, to encourage knitting for the troops
  2. Some other fancy lady gloves
  3. Those WIP mittens
  4. Doll dress -- I have two booklets of doll clothes patterns, my daughter is now 17; when will I ever use them?
  5. Stuffed animal -- I have patterns for dogs and donkeys and ducks and cats and birds and ....
Well, my random number generator chose number 1. I looked at the pattern again and the size for ladies' gloves is 6.5 inches around the hand at the thumb. Mine is closer to 8 inches, and I always thought I had kind of delicate hands, at least compared to the rest of me! Luckily, I can make the men's gloves, though they tell me I must use khaki, navy blue or airforce blue. We'll see about that!

Now I just have to find an equivalent for "Special Heavy Red Cross Service Yarn." It knits up on 3 mm needles at 26 sts/4 inches, but I think it's quite densely knit. I might use my Kauni, or maybe Felted Tweed. Probably some DK weight, to get a nice warm glove. I could always swatch, I suppose. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Three on the last Thursday of NaBloPoMo

Well, we made it to the end of November! I feel like I just sort of made do with a lot of my blog posts this time, but I did do something every day, most often with a picture. So that is a bit of an accomplishment, for sure.

Now, what three things shall I talk about here?
  1. My husband is in the UK, at a conference. He gave his talk yesterday, apparently a great success. He wore his spiral-defect chaos sweater, and some Hokusai wave socks. He posts pictures of beer on Facebook, though, so it's not all work. 
  2. I saw some rock climbing movies last night. OMG, as they say. Usually when I work at the cinema, I do an afternoon show, and people who are able to go to afternoon shows tend to be retired, really. People who go to rock climbing movies at 8:30 at night tend, it turns out, to be 30, fit, buff, and very keen. The doors opened at 8 and I was ripping tickets till the show started. Pouring through the doors, filling every seat in the house. The four short films were amazing as well. They didn't really make me want to take up rock climbing, though. It's all bleeding fingers and broken backs. Drone photography maybe, rock climbing, no. 
  3. Tonight I am going to a book launch. My daughter had a friend in elementary school whose mom is an artist, and someone has written a book about her. Her work is full of little almost-hidden things. Often a bit creepy, but I really like a lot of it, so will be happy to have the book. 
Tomorrow is December 1st! I might find it hard to break this pattern of posting, so watch this space!

I have remembered to link this post with others who are posting Three on Thursday. Go there to find more blogs.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday

I can hardly show you my sweater, which looks very much the same as it did on Monday, though not exactly the same.

What other works in progress might there be lying around?

I told you earlier about the yarn someone gave me for charity knitting. I started a Clapotis with some cotton-blend fingering-weight yarn. (Is it the most knitted scarf ever?)

I'm not very far along, but I'm not in a rush.

I only have about 100 grams of fine yarn, so it won't be much of a scarf, but it will keep me amused on the go, where I can't take the sweater, and it will maybe delight some child. We'll see how it goes. 

Speaking of delight, I was walking past our neighbourhood fancy hat shop and spotted this purse! Where do I get that fabric? Very cute. 

Our neighbourhood fancy hat shop also has these gems. I wonder who shops there, and who ever wears these hats. There is a royal wedding coming up, of course.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Worn bricks

I showed you these bricks the other day. We like them because they are kind of odd, and they sit outside looking arty and not cluttering up our house.

They were collected on Leslie Spit, a piece of land that juts out into the lake. It's mainly made up of the fill they had after digging the subway tunnels decades ago. Since then, all sorts of rubble has been added.

You can find marble countertops and concrete chunks and bits of old road. It's not a very "nice" place, but it's very popular amongst migrating birds and, therefore, birders. It's also a place to get away from the city. Green stuff does sprout up between the bricks!

And you can find cool worn bricks there. Someone found lots of bricks and made this.

Once we played tourist in our own city and went on a bus tour. We saw all the places where things used to be. "This is the site of the first fire house. This is the site of the first town hall. This is the site of a school." But all those first things were built of wood and burned down! There were a couple of big fires, the second in 1904. The brickworks had opened in 1889 and they were ready and able to supply material for building a bit more permanent city after that. Now it is a park/market/space, quite a nice place.

Coming from woody Vancouver, I was shocked at the bricks of Toronto when I got here, but I have got used to all these brick houses.

picture stolen from here
Even modern, tall buildings here are covered in bricks, which does still strike me as crazy.

And that is the story of the bricks!