Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympic knitting news

Hooray! I think I've just about done it... I have an armband and neck to do on this, and then a few ends to sew in, and we're done.

I've made a curly scarf to go with it: cast on a lot of stitches, knit a row or two, increase in each stitch, knit a row or two, increase in each stitch, and when you have too many stitches on your long circular needle, cast off. The scarf is very cool, coz it can all roll up into a nice solid cylinder for mailing.

And, I still have a bit of yarn left, and I don't really want a bit of yarn left, so I will make a big, messy, no-order garter stitch scarf with all the bits and it'll look just like something you'd get at the Gap, and I'll give it to the 16-year-old brother of the vest recipient. He is, I hear, a chick magnet... But if you are his mother or is aunt or his grandmother, ssshhhhh until I send it!

I'm still wallowing under tons of laundry... And it's sort of snowing and I can't find my mittens... so I have a touch of housework to do, I suppose, and then deal with finishing this off. The gold medal is certainly within reach!

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  1. Very pretty - I love the lace stitch - and the scarf is gorgeous. I reckon the gold is yours.


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