Saturday, February 11, 2006

And they're off!

I did manage to cast on at 2 pm, and get enough done before going to pick up the kids to start panicking that I would run out of yarn... A 50-m ball on 6 mm needles does knit up pretty fast, and at this rate I'll be out of wool in 6 or 8 days, with one of those midriff-baring tops that 20-year-olds wear. We shall overcome, however. Somehow. It may involve buying more yarn, although I bet this colour was on sale half-price because it was the end of the dye lot or the end of the whole colour or something. Never mind, I'll just carry on and make a really deep neck and we'll see. A short, deep-necked, warm snuggly wool pullover... The rules don't say you can't frog the whole thing after the games are over and make a child's sweater!

I did make it to the pub last night, as did several others. We got the TV turned on and all, and watched the mega-production, flame-and-colour-and-sparkle and, toward the end, totally incomprehensible, opening ceremonies. I had my Canadian flag, but it's full-size and a bit big to wave around, so it spent the evening draped over a chair, and then scrumpled in a bag... Here you can see Liz, Bekki, Anne, Scarlet peeking out behind me, me, and Rosie bent over her work! Scarlet has no blog, and is doing something very exciting, so I will tell you all about it... She has made scarves and is almost finished her first sweater, a bolero in flaming red super fluffy yarn. So she can do knitting and purling and increasing and decreasing and all that stuff, but for the Olympics she switched to tiny circular needles and finer yarn to make Odessa. She had a bit of trouble in the dark pub, and I think left with the first row cast on for the second time, but I'm confident she'll meet her challenge!

And here's what I was left with at the end of the evening. Now, birthday party today, must make cake...

ps. Don't you just hate it when Blogger tells you to republish your blog in ten minutes, for about 3 hours?