Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The scarf!

Arthur spent all day yesterday and the day before at home with a cold, and knitting on his scarf. He started this before Christmas, but it was going very slowly. The first day, he decided he would drop a stitch, just like I did in my Clapotis. Then he tried a bobble, then a cable... Then, oh my! He made a thing... This is what he did. He isolated 5 stitches and knit just them. Then, instead of turning the work, he worked backwards, making stocking stitch. He did a few rows back and forth like this, then continued on the main row. He later asked me if one could make the heel of a sock like this, since it sort of bumped out of the main work! First, inventing knitting back backwards, and then inventing (sort of) the short row heel! What a guy. Here's the bobble. This is rather hard to photograph, and the pictures of him with the scarf all include that nasty habit of his of sticking his tongue out or otherwise looking ridiculous... But here's one anyways... I got several like this, where he dropped the scarf just as I pushed the shutter.
And you will notice a bit of white fluff on the other end. That is the Big Wool Tuft we got at the yarn swap. I wish I hadn't been so moderate, and we'd taken the lot, because a) one ball doesn't go very far and b) it's soooo soft and nice! Might have to invest in some of this, but it would take a good 5 or 6 balls to make a nice soft squishy scarf for an adult. That's about 25 pounds, or 50 bucks for a scarf!

He used about 105 meters of yarn (1 ball of Big Wool at 80m and the Tuft at 25m) and got a scarf of about 115 cm. I've never done that sort of calculation before, and it's sure eye-opening for me! It's knit on 15 mm needles.

I've told Elaine she'll have her Weasley by the weekend, and I think I'll have Arthur's done by then too. (I'd give you pictures, but I didn't take any last night, and now the camera has gone back to the lab to take pictures of experiments!) Just have another sleeve to go. Oh, and the sewing up... And then what will I do?? A spare week before the Olympics! Hmmmmmm.