Sunday, February 26, 2006

The gold, and now what?

I have done the Olympic knitting! All ends sewn in, and a couple of extra scarves to boot. I think I love the scrappy garter stitch scarf the best. Gold medal for me!!

Now, I want to finish the Maya circle, one of Arthur's orange socks (That pic was taken in November, and now I just have the toe to do, and then I'll save the second sock for April, orange month of Project Spectrum).

And then (Arthur is writing stories at school, and the teacher has banned the words "and then" from any story) I guess I shall make something pink and TSTMMS (The sweater that makes me sneeze!).

My pink project was going to be a scarf, but I seem to have lost my wonderful mittens, so now maybe I'll use the pink to make a pair of ladylike gloves.
(But wait, looky here! I could knit a pink square and send it off to Denmark to cover an old tank! That sounds like crazy fun!)
(Oh, I also was going to knit a breast for these people!)
(Ack, I'm overwhelmed!)

First I need to find Dick and Bob and have a final hot chocolate in the Olympic chalet, and then I need to tidy up my room (clean laundry, yarn and Paris papers are all strewn together on my dresser) and then I will figure out what to knit next!

Hooray for all the Olympic finishers and contenders and cheerers-on! It's been a blast!


  1. Well done on finishing! Planning the next project is what kept me going in the last few days - so nice to move on to something new.

  2. Wow! Not one project but three! Well done...


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