Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My 100th post!

And second today!

I noticed that I have written 99 posts thus far, so this must be number 100. And so it is nice that it is about meeting people and doing something in the real world with knitters, most of whom I wouldn't have met if I hadn't had the blog (and sat at the computer reading other knitting blogs...).

So here's my plan: You can start your Olympic knitting Friday Feb 10 at 2 pm, or whenever thereafter you find it convenient! But we shall all get together at the Fort St George around 7 for the official Cambridge Olympic parade of colours... or whatever. (Maybe I'll check to see if they even have a TV...) Their non-smoking room is quite nice, by the river, well-enough lit and not too noisy.

I hope to see all y'all there, knitters, cheerleaders and dealers in chocolate....


  1. Congrats on 100, Mary!!! Best wishes from back home in grey and cold Toronto - sue

  2. Congrats on post 100! And yes, I'm going to a knitting Olympian. Just have to make my mind up what to knit and get swatching.

  3. Yay! count me in too..


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