Monday, May 01, 2006


It's green month on Project Spectrum. Yahoo. And here's a shield bug, looking very green on my very green plant.

I feel like I've been cranking out socks -- I'm done Elaine's sock #1 and am back on the stripey cotton ones. And once stripey #2 is done, I will start green socks, which will be new and different in a couple of ways. They will be a solid colour -- could be very boring and drive me crazy. But! They will have a textured pattern, which will keep me keen, and look so cool when done! Arthur says he doesn't want plain colour socks, and he's my fave recipient... I'll try to win him over. Otherwise, I've got quite the queue of socks to knit...

I did buy some yarn the other day. Sale bin fuzzy... Never again! Ack, it looks kinda nice in the ball, and I thought I would make a scarf for a gift, but the main thread is like nylon kite string (though I think it's polyester) and the fuzzy bits will shed under the slightest pressure. So it's a dead loss, I think. I can't bring myself to persist with it. Time's a-wasting here!

Yes, it's May and that means there are only ten more weeks before we move back to Canada! Do you know how many things we have to do and see (and knit!) in those ten short weeks? We have another school holiday at the beginning of June, and we plan to do short trips from here, to the Norfolk coast and local stately homes and so on, and we have a trip to Cornwall planned for just before we leave. But we haven't been to the Lake District or the Scottish Highlands or the White Cliffs of Dover or Hadrian's Wall or ... Perhaps we should think more locally and make a point of going to a new pub in town every week or two... That might be easier, and somewhat cheaper!

Happy May to everyone. I can't believe I wrote this whole thing before making coffee....

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  1. 10 weeks! Have you been to York? You have to go to York, especially as it is daffodil time.


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