Friday, May 12, 2006

Mostly knitting

First, the update on the growing stuff: the chestnut tree is growing like a weed! We had to take the ruler down, but you can see how much it has grown by looking at this from April 27. Wowza. Neighbours have kindly offered to plant it in their garden for us, but we shall keep it for a bit more. The huge chestnuts around town are in flower now, and look marvellous.

And the blossoms on the tree out front are fully out. It is a giant pinky puffball.

I got my two strips done for the baby blanket. I hope there are some plainer strips to counter these! A bit wild, but babies like that colour contrast stuff, and I even added a few bobbles for chewing. You can see that my attention span was waning on the second one... Quick, change patterns every few inches! And, you know, your gauge changes when you go from ribbing to moss stitch to lace! I power-blocked as best I could, and hope the wonkiness adds to the charm. I used up all the purple and had a teeny bit of the white left, so my excellent calculations and planning were spot-on. Yeah, sure... Anyways, it goes in the mail as soon as it's dry.

Another project almost done is my contribution to Rethinking Titbits. Which nipple/button do you think I should use? It's only a B-cup, and I think I shall have to make a bigger one as well. This yarn colour reminds me of sunburn, which is not very pleasant... I shall have to come up with a tiny bit of stuffing, and get those done and mailed off.

The weather has turned perfectly sunny and glorious (though the forecast for the weekend is crummy) and this is just when I would like to have my Summer Tweed made up into something nice. Grr. The to-do list is too long! I'm oppressed by my hobby! I could use a nice long train ride to get my striped sock done. (I'm doing the heel, and the soundtrack to this activity is the horribly annoying "Turn the Wheel, Isa" from Dora the Explorer. Funny how this song makes its way into people's heads.)

And on the subject of train rides, we are planning our trip to Cornwall for July. We are flying down there (but don't worry, there will be hanging-around-the-airport time for knitting) and were thinking of getting a car for touring around, since the train service is a bit sparse. Then I remember our trip to Mull and read things like this, and think it'd be better to stick to buses.