Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Toothpicks and drumsticks

I've now plunged into the Greenness of May. I am making Arthur some green socks on 2 mm needles, and this wrap for moi out of my Summer Tweed, mostly green with bits of other colours. It is based on the yoga wrap from VK last winter, but it will be just a stole, about 18 inches wide. (Yvonne made one, and Liz made most of one and took it all apart again!) This pattern is actually dead simple, so this is my casual, portable, easy project (I could work on it on Knit in Public Day, though I hope to be finished by then) and the socks are the concentration-demanding project. Also, it doesn't hurt if I poke myself with the 5 mm needles!

Arthur's socks actually have a name -- lots of people knit things with names, but I rarely do! They are called Swordfish, and are from this ancient Patons book. The pattern is over 19 stitches, which makes for a cuff like this: "(K2, P2) 3 times. *K1, P2 (K2, P2) 4 times* Repeat from * to * twice. K1. P2, K2, P2." Actually, it means that it's a K2,P2 rib, with one lone K1 stuck in there somewhere. I'm now (having done 2 whole repeats of the leg pattern) able to look at the knitting and know where I am. Still poking myself with the 8 teeny little ends, and thinking about that magic loop technique, which I always think of as using a too big needle for the project... Fewer pokey points, though...

This is one of our alternate routes home from school. I think it looks so green because of the Kaffe-esque pile-up of every green in the book. Green and white, green and yellow, yellowy green, dark green, purply green... They're all here.

And yesterday when we got to the bottom of this path, we found a royal barge and a couple of large rowboats, circa 16th century. I believe they were being used for the Cate Blanchett movie being filmed in St John's College and around town. Cool, eh? I wish I'd had a camera then, or this morning when we saw the boats being loaded onto trailers to be carted away. The big barge was cut in two! Luckily there was a url on the trailer, and I learned that the boats came from here. We didn't see any movie stars, though. I wonder if they'll be hanging out at the beer festival this week??


  1. Oh - that would explain the half-a-boat I saw going down the High Street on my way to work!

  2. Mary - just catching up on your blog. Glad to see all your knitting coming along. If you can believe it I didn't knit one stitch on our trip - not even on the plane (for shame! can you believe it???) Your stole is looking so nice - keep it up! -sue

  3. I love the way that stole is looking. The colours are fabulous! Everyone in Cambridge seems to be seeing evidence of filming except me - I can't believe I'm missing out on what is essentially one enormous costume-fest!

  4. Oh that stole is so lovely, beautiful colours and texture. I am going to goole for a copy of the pattern now, I am lusting...

    I love the teacosy pattern you made, my 6 year old saw me reading your post and is demanding I produce something similar.


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