Monday, May 08, 2006

Back in action

Thanks for the sympathy about the tummy bug. It actually was over with quite fast, but then I didn't feel like eating for a day, and that's not the usual thing! I am more or less full strength now, though I'm wading through the laundry and dirty dishes from days and days, it seems.

Most of the dishes were actually generated last night, when we had a wee surprise party for Stephen! It was his birthday a week ago, but he was in Toronto, and then he was in Ireland for a few days. So yesterday I sent Elaine to divert him, and she took him downtown for the afternoon (though he thought he was taking her!) and Arthur and I made a cake and called a few friends. Thank goodness for cell phones, as Stephen and Elaine called to let us know they were on their way home, so Arthur and I left the river, where we were watching some boat races while the cake cooled, to rush home to make icing!
He was actually surprised, and we had cake and fruit, and Irish whiskey brought back from Bushmills! And the "big" kids looked at the laptop while I got to talk to this little friend, who usually sleeps, but last night was full of chatter and smiles!

And a bit of knitting has actually got done. This is a strip for a top-secret baby blanket. I doubt it has to be top secret on here, coz I doubt either parent is going to be reading this. This piece is all about colour, but I have 2 more balls of yarn, so will do texture next. Maybe the DNA, since that's what little babies are made of. Everyone is using the same 2 colours of yarn, but doing whatever patterns they like in their strips. Should be ok, doncha think?

And this is the state of the socks. Soon, soon! And look at those matching stripes!