Monday, May 29, 2006

What next?

Ah, I am starting to wonder what will happen to Knitting on the Cam when I am no longer on the Cam! "Knitting not far from Bloor St"? "Knitting between the Humber and the Don"? And the more blogs I read, the more I realize all the good names are taken. All Tangled Up! Blithe Dance! Super Eggplant, fer chrissake!

Who doesn't wish they'd come up with the Yarn Harlot first, eh? Right now, when I'm with the sock, I love only the sock. When I'm with the stole, the stole is my Only One.
But then, some variegated ball of fluff comes along and tempts me away from my two "one true love" projects, and we end up, you know, spending time together.

I realize now that my infatuation was misguided, to say the least. This is mostly turquoise, not royal blue. This is too fluffy and wimpy, not woolly enough. And I had to rush into action with 3 7mm DPNs and a 6, being impatient to get at it! (No one will ever notice.)

Making 2 pompoms used up the last few meters of yarn, so there is none left to remind me of this lost weekend.... (Oh yeah, and I finished The Da Vinci Code... another misguided infatuation, perhaps...) Except it looks so cute on Elaine -- photo by Arthur -- I think I'll let her keep it, and not give it away for Xmas, as planned.


  1. Love the hat (and who wouldn't - Elaine makes it look so good!) and especially love the pom poms. I'm now feeling the need to make something with pom poms. Must pom. Pomming? Pom pomming?

    Hey, Palmerston Squares blanket was raffled off this weekend - I was happy to see the finished product with my squares all bunched together. Hey, they looked pretty good in there! Did you see any pictures of it? I told Brian I liked last year's blankets a little better and he said "That's cause Mary wasn't there!".

    It'll be good to have you back in Toronto soon!

  2. Tish (, 15:31

    Knitting off the Cam? The Knitter Formerly on the Cam (TKFOTC)? Camless Knitter? I'll stop now. Elaine looks so cute in the hat. Now she needs a sweater and mittens to match. :) Excellent photo work Arthur!

  3. ohh yes, she needs matching mittens, and a scarf perhaps? I was wondering about post Cam blogging myself. I for one am glad you will be The knitter formerly on the Cam (TKFOTC) it Tish, because I'm booking my spot on the sofa in Toronto for a few nights in 2007.You are responsible for my blog addiction (posting from work now - shock horror) so don't you dare disappear.
    love Pixie


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