Monday, May 15, 2006

New shades, socks and cycles

We've had quite crappy weather for a few days, but last week was bright and sunny, and I was compelled to get the kids sunhats and shades. Check 'em out, baby! (Yeah, and on a nice sunny day, I wake up and say, "Hey great, I can put lots of laundry on the line!)

The real excitement, however, has got to be the almost-completion of these socks! I just have to graft the one toe, and we're set. The yarn has been perfect up to this very last point, when suddenly, instead of continuing purple (there are a few rows of purple right on the toe, but they don't show much in this pic) for several meters, it fades to white! And then the blue starts, which is not supposed to come in the pattern yet! So I'm going to have a little teeny line of white grafting looking stupid on the end of the toe... Grr. But lucky me, the one knot in the ball comes a few meters down the line, and didn't interrupt my socks!

I must share this with you: It's the Cycle Facility of the Month! Looking for a bike path that ends in a bollard, or is too narrow for a bike? Find it here! I think I discovered this via John's blog. The cycle lanes in Cambridge are pretty good, since there are about a bazillion million cyclists here, but still, there is room for improvement!

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  1. Cool socks!!

    Love the Cycle Facility page; I could submit the tiny length of cycleway up to the A14 which starts opposite Fen Ditton School, halfway up a tiny layby which invariably has a huge SUV parked in it... :-)


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