Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lots of little things

No pictures today, but I've actually finished a few little things. I did the sock and mailed them off to my mom. I finished knitting the tit bit, but need a teeny bit of stuffing so that's on the sidelines till next week. And I finished the teacosy, which I think I've never shown you a picture of... Soon!

So, I was about to start my next pair of socks. I'm going to make plain green socks for Arthur, but the pattern is for big ol' men's feet. 76 stitches! That's a lot of stitches for a kid, and since it's a textured pattern (oooh, it's lovely) I don't want to mess with it. So I thought I'd just make them on 2 mm needles instead of 2.25. But after I got the needles out and cast on a few wee stitches, I took a break! My gawd, those are small needles... I just needed a moment to collect my strength... I searched the stash (which takes seconds) and came up with a ball of beige Magpie and made another quickie charity hat on 4.5s. I hope that today I can get back to the toothpicks and start those socks!

Full colour reporting tomorrow, folks!

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  1. Work with the toothpicks for a while and a "regular" needle will start to feel like knitting with drumsticks.


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