Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pretty tree

This is the tree in front of our house. It's a city tree, not on anyone's property, but on a patch of grass the city sends a giant mower around to every once in a while. This spring someone came and chain-sawed all the suckers off around the bottom. These flowers are a wonderful pale pink, and are just about perfect. Another day of sun is all we need... Last fall it dropped apple-like fruit, but I don't really know any more about it than that!

This is what it looks like from right underneath it! Photo by Arthur.


  1. I like it when the trees come into flower. I just wish they lasted longer...sigh.

  2. Sounds like a crab apple, masses of flowers followed by miniature apples that taste rather sour. Did it have red or yellow fruits?

  3. The fruits were about half-size maybe, and we didn't notice them much till they were mush on the ground. I think they were red, though.


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