Sunday, August 27, 2006

Garbage picking in the 'hood

Our neighbourhood is great for garbage picking. We used to collect printers that people discarded, and Arthur would take them apart to collect parts. What he ever did with all these parts, I'm not too sure, but it was sure fun taking the things to bits. We've also found many planters, candle holders, books... and got rid of lots of stuff, including an old barbecue, by just putting it out at the curb. It's Freecycle without even needing a computer.

The other night, Arthur and I delivered some boxes to friends who are moving. They were the gigantic ones, suitable for throwing a few quilts in, but hard to lift if they're full of books! Since they're awkward to carry, we took them in our wagon, and then, on the way home, we passed several piles of yardsale leftovers.

(I have to interject here: we too had a yard sale that day. Arthur built a booth out of two big boxes for a lemonade stand, and we put out a few books now deemed too "babyish" for Arthur and Elaine, and then, since it was a pretty crappy day and no one was out walking around, we called our friends with kids and coerced them into coming over and buying stuff. When asked for a price for the books, Arthur hemmed and hawed, and although Daddy was frantically signing "FIVE CENTS," somehow our first buyer paid $.50 per book, and then she told the next person that was the price, and so actually we made a bundle! The kids are a bit vague on economics generally, but when Arthur had a $10 bill in his hand, he knew he should just rush upstairs and squirrel it away! Elaine made a sale, too, and although it was for $2, and I had to go find change for a fiver, she managed to run off with the $5 bill! Our yardsale leftovers are going to charity forthwith, but we still have some lemonade...)

Anyways, when I see a bag of yarn and a "Free" sign, I quickly kick Sonny Boy out of the wagon and replace him with yarn! (Carefully chosen, indeed -- I got some mauve washable wool, and 4 balls of various blue cotton/wool/acrylic blends, and left the pastel baby acrylic behind.) Also a couple of soup bowls! And on the next block, some of those foam squares that fit together -- Arthur is a master builder with them, and although they are marketed as toddler alphabet-learning toys, they make great rocket ships and boxes to put your sister in and all sorts of things! Good thing we had the wagon!

But the score of the evening had to be the Better Homes and Gardens Handyman's Book, circa 1957.

It's a ring binder with sections and dividers and all cool stuff, and pages about wrenches, or screwdrivers, or how to fix a toilet! And look at little wifey on the cover, devoted to her handyman! (I hate to say it, but this is a true representation of things around here. How do people live without a handyman in the family?)

We shall all have hours of fun with our finds! Thanks, neighbours!


  1. I love his muscle and the perfect plaid shirt! Priceless :)

  2. Oh my lordy. This is the best cover ever. And I'm sure the content is great too. I wish *my* neighbors would put out good stuff. Yarn? Books? Foam squares? Oh no, they are much too tidy for that. It all goes in the garbage.



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