Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wild socks

I'm almost down to the heel on the second of Arthur's jazzy socks. As you can see, the pooling is completely different on the two socks! I guess it doesn't really matter that they won't exactly match -- they'll be the wildest socks in grade 4 in any case, I bet. (That's my dirty front step they're lying on.)

The green cardigan is coming along, but with more than 300 stitches in a row now, it's slow work. But, if I just keep going, I'll get to divide the stitches and work on a smaller number for just the body or a sleeve... Must keep reminding myself of that...

I was saying to the kids today that I've got out of the habit of carrying my camera around, since I'm not anywhere exciting anymore, just "at home." But there are things going on in the familiar world of downtown Toronto that I could well take a picture of, so I will get back into the habit, I hope.

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  1. These are COOL! I find it so hard to finish socks.


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