Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lacy cardigan on its way

I have been working on this green cotton cardigan. In fact, it's a few pattern repeats longer now than when I took the picture. I started with a top-down raglan pattern, using their numbers to get the width across the back and so on, and just increase 1 stitch at the raglan edge of front, sleeve, back, sleeve, front on the knit rows, and increase once in a while on the neck edge for a sort of deep V-neck. I do have to sit and look at it whenever I pick it up, to see where I am, and I have to think about the lace pattern at the raglans -- once I get the sleeves separated from the body, I can just zip along doing the pattern continuously around. It's great fun and I think it'll look good, if I have enough yarn! Perhaps short sleeves with some sort of dangly border?

I've also done a bit of stash sorting and ordering, and it looks like I have enough sock yarn to last me a while! Note that not many of these 50g balls have mates, but who needs matching pairs of socks, anyways?

You may remember the spikes. One day I sent an e-mail to the Victoria and Albert Museum metalwork folks, because I figure if anyone knows, it's the V&A. And I got a reply, which said in part, "Our ironwork expert agrees with your suggestion that the purpose of the grilles was to keep animals or vagrants from sleeping in the corners of fine buildings overnight. We do not have a name for the grilles, but they appear to be 18th century, and most probably English." Still no picture in an 18th-century book, but I think I'm satisfied.

And when I was in England, I showed you things from around town. So here is my view from my Toronto bedroom (one day we will have a deck from which to enjoy this view, but right now we have a doorway out to the roof...). That spiky thing is the CN Tower. Okay, I used a long lens to get it this big, but we can see it!