Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August finale

It looks like August has whizzed past us, just about. In those odd hours when my stoopid internet connection was not working, I made these photo collages of neutral colours for Project Spectrum. I wish I could knit 'em up. I have been wanting a brown sweater for some time, but it's hard to get that sun-on-old-leaves rich colour.

First we have some sun on old leaves! These sort of hedgelike trees were by the river in Cambridge. Then a scarf I did knit, in some nylon ladder yarn and a strand of Matchmaker 4 ply wool. It's kind of a goofy looking scarf, in fact, but not bad colours, though too much gold metallic for my taste. Bottom left is a wintery tree in the park, and bottom right is Punt With Bird.

Then we have Raccoon Asleep in My Tree in the Middle of the Day! Woodpile, Henry VIII with chair leg (scroll down to Bicycles and Chair Legs, in the Traditions section), and chimneys on Trinity Lane.

Did you know that August 31 is Blog Day? One is meant to post links to 5 different blogs, to spread the bloggish word... I don't think I know 5 blogs that aren't about knitting, at least in some part. I'll work on it.

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