Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two down, one to go, and Blog Day

You know that the other day I started whipping up a red scarf. Yes indeed. I got some red yarn out of my cupboard and started seed stitching away. Well, I ended up with a scarf about 2 feet long. It was one of those projects where the little voice was nagging me from the start. "There's not enough yarn. You don't have enough yarn. THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK." Well, the little voice was right, but it took me some time to realise.

Arthur, of course, thought that if I wasn't going to give it away, he would take it to wear with his red winter coat! But my knitterly pride would not allow me to pretend that this thing was actually a scarf, so I started at the other ends of the balls, and reknit it, on 21 stitches instead of 31, unravelling the wider one as I went. Here it is, almost down to the final multicoloured bit.

I took it to Lettuce Knit's SnB last night, and someone admired it and said, "You should publish that pattern!" Oh, it's seed stitch... But here we go, anyways: Cast on an odd number of stitches. *K1, P1* to last st, K1. Repeat ad nauseam, till you have a scarf. But, of course, the fun part is the 2-row stripes. I think they look very cool in seed stitch, because of the purl bumps showing, I guess. You do get a lot of bang for your buck with 2-row seed stitch stripes. So the instructions for that would be, change colour every two rows. There, a pattern.

So I still need a red scarf, don't I? Well, lucky me, I was at a yarn store last night, and got me some. It's cotton, but since the only places I've ever lived in the States, where this scarf is destined to end up, are southern California and Texas, I can't imagine the need for a woolly scarf there. Actually, it's so lovely and soft you could wear it snuggled real close, and it will keep you warm in any weather. That's my story... I got two colours -- not exactly red, but in that vague red family; actually the brown is close to a perfect brown -- but I'm not (I hope!) going to knit the same damn scarf over a third time. I'm thinking of a slip stitch pattern, but I do like scarves to be reversible. Maybe just a zigzag rib pattern or some such thing.

But first, really, I must get back to those other abandoned projects. This spur-of-the-moment quicky scarf has already taken too much time! School starts next week, must have jazzy socks done! It's getting chilly in the evenings, must get my cardigan done!

3108 This!And because it's Blog Day, I will share with you some blogs I like.

Lisa the Knitter -- She's a nut, and I mean that in the nicest way. She even knits sometimes.

Life is a Banquet -- Jan's look at all sorts of things. She made her own bacon last year!

Pixie Post -- A quilter with a great eye, I think, and a 9-year-old son.

Kentish KT -- A Canadian living in Britain! With a 9-year-old son. And she stalks postboxes!

Fleagirl's Fine Cooking -- Oh, my, she has a 9-year-old son, and she writes lovingly about food!

And all the Cambridge knitters, none of whom has a 9-year-old son: Very Otterly, Anne, Knitting on the Green, Pig Wot Knits, Caught Knitting .... who did I forget?


  1. Just got a few nice skeins of red something-or-other yarn from Value Village - I'm gonna make a scarf for this too. I love the idea of the red scarf project.

  2. Okay Mary--I'm pretty sure I'm the worst knitter ever. If I join a knitting circle, is it the sort of place where nice people will show me the right way to knit and fix all the wobble, holes and knots I make?


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