Thursday, August 24, 2006

Oops, a new project

The astute among you will have noticed a new section in the sidebar, Projects on the Go. This is supposed to keep me on track with a small number of projects, so that I actually finish something before starting something else. Right now I have the green cotton cardigan, which is still in the very-long-row stage, and although I sat in a waiting room yesterday for 2 hours, I seem to have got nowhere. It's that black hole thing. And I have the gaudy socks, which are coming along fine, and should be finished ... soonish...

But then I read Norma's blog about the Red Scarf Project, and thought of some red wool I have, and started a scarf. I have 2 bits of multi-coloured reddish stuff, and 2 balls, which may or may not be full, and are different colours of red, and I'll just toss them all together into scarf, right?

It'll be all seed stitch, I think, with the multi-coloured stuff at each end, and 2-row stripes for the rest of it. Of course, if I don't have enough yarn to make a decent scarf, who knows what'll happen...

And I do knit that green thing every night before bed, honest.

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