Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh, almost missed it!

It's Delurking Week, I hear. All the kids are doing it, so come on, leave me a comment!

But now, here I am, asking for you to say hi, and I have nothing exciting to write about. It's a bit early in the morning.

I hear that Kentish KT is Kentish no more, and I saw the motorcade leave the neighbourhood yesterday afternoon heading for the airport to pick the family up, but haven't actually sighted them myself.

There's the sock club vs bank story, but you've probably already heard that one here, or here.

I could remind you about the Red Scarf Project -- it's time to mail your scarf in!

I could post a picture of my green sock, but I bet over the weekend I'll finish it and then I can show you the whole wonderful pair.

Oh well, today, you tell me something good, even "hello!"


  1. Hello! I started a new blog recently to break away from Livejournal.

    I didn't realize that it was delurking week, but interestingly enough my friend and I made a resolution to comment on more blogs this year. to let people know we appreciate their posts!

  2. I'm not exactly a lurker, but Hi anyway!

  3. Sometimes I comment, sometimes I lurk... you never know what you get with me ;)

    Picked up some funky red floofy stuff from Value Village yesterday, 3 balls... now what to make with it, we'll see!

  4. Hello Mary.
    I am coming out of Lurkingwell (an interesting town - sadly no interesting pillar boxes and we all have a tendency to hide!)

    I have enjoyed your blog for the last year or so and was wondering if you would comment on what you miss most about the UK. Also can you tell me please, the name of the pattern that you are knitting for your son's socks (the green wip).
    Thanks. Lucia

  5. Hello Mary,
    Your sister-in-law is my boss in Vict. and introduced me to your blog as I am a knitter too. I've enjoyed your adventures of the past year or so immensely.

    I too have resolved to knit from my stash until at least September, however in my case the self-enforced ban extends to craft supplies in general, including stained glass (especially since I haven't done any actual work with that medium for almost a year, so I definately don't need any more glass!!).

    As far as the question you asked about pictures in your last post goes: I think maybe blogger is showing the original size of photo off your computer, I resize my photos to ~25% of original size before posting, which is a nice screen size usually.

    Phew, I'm glad I de-lurked, thanks for the invitation :)

  6. I also will comment.

    I hear the your husband is this super amazing physicist who has a reputation for recognizing other great work at PhD examinations, and passing those students with praise and adulation. That's the word on the street, anyways...

  7. Hello! Thanks for de-lurking on my blog. I love looking at all the things you make, and I like that fact that you always have lots on the go at once - it means more pretty things for me to marval at!

  8. A slight de-lurk here!

    I have been laid up with the Flu but my plans for the beginning of the year are to finish Tom Mouse and those (insert swear word of choice) ornaments! - oh and to get a couple of pieces framed!

    The Dragon


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