Friday, January 05, 2007

On the needles now

Oh, it's Friday, so I shall find some Eye Candy for you.

I really wanted to show you the glorious decorated house sometime this season, but Mr Whosis, who decorates it, has not been in the usual mood. I hope he is not ill or something. This year, instead of a Nativity scene at the North Pole with light-up reindeer greeting Baby Jesus, we have a few push lawnmowers, a bunch of hay, and this ball peeking out. What's up?

But, things are getting a bit fancy -- the wooden fence bits are now protected from the elements by sheets of plastic. A never-ending source of delight, this...

And, what's getting knitted?
I am delighted to be turning the heel on this green sock. The first one was finished in June! Since I'm planning on finishing a pair of socks for each of the Project Spectrum 2-month periods, I'd better speed up! I did try the first one on Arthur again today, and it still fits, so at least he's not growing faster than I'm knitting!

His blue second sock will fit in with the Feb/March scheme, and so he should have 2 new pairs of wool socks just as sandal season rolls around. Sigh.

Funny, this Knit from Stash business. I've had
this beautiful ball of Lady Godiva wool/silk something-or-other for maybe 3 years. It may well be the nicest looking yarn in the whole closet. But since I am now knitting from stash, I simply must find something to do with it! Three guesses what the pattern is... Right in one, it's Branching Out. I hope it will be long enough!

That's really all I'm working on now, but I've started looking around for blue, white and grey projects for PS and find I have about seventy-million half-done bluish things lying around the house. I'm looking forward to these various blogiverse/ knitalong/ peer pressure things coalescing -- WIP Wipeout, Knit from Stash, and Project Spectrum to show the way. Come the end of September, things'll be different around here!

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