Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New books

I noticed a new bookstore had opened up down the street. I can't remember what used to be in that spot, perhaps some clothes store catering to the high school students. In any case, these days it's a store with long tables piled up with publishers' overstock bargain books. I have often found good things for the kids in such places, but now they are beyond the colourful ABC books that take up such a lot of the space.

However, I went in and looked around, finally finding the craft section -- passing over some beautiful gardening books, since, although we need to do some reworking of the front yard, we have a) no sun and b) not much space. Let's not get carried away.

There were a few knitting books, but I managed to come away with only Debbie Bliss's How To Knit. I like the stitch dictionary aspect of it, though the patterns are not so thrilling -- there's no way I'm ever knitting an entrelac sweater with cables on the little squares...

And I also got Color Harmony for Quilts. A lot of my knitting tends to use more than one colour, so I thought I'd have this at hand to look at the different arrangements. It's cool how just a touch of some colour spread through a quilt can change the whole look of it. I don't think I'll start in with the fabric and sewing machine any time soon, but I might need to go get a few more colours of Felted Tweed... in October, of course...

I've started on Arthur's blue sock, because I needed a subway-
friendly knit the other day. Am plugging away, and hope to actually be done before Blue season starts in Project Spectrum! And, as you can see, Branching Out is coming along nicely. I have a teeny bit of this yarn in a brown/ black/ grey colourway, and thought of adding a touch of it in here. Would it look good, a bit unusual, like metaphorical branches in the leaves, or would it look wacky, like I was worried I'd run out of yarn? I think there's only one way to find out!