Monday, January 01, 2007

It's only day 1 and I've finished something already!

This little number got finished up this morning! There's no edging around the neck or armholes, so once you're done, you're done! Three-needle bind-off on the shoulders, sew ends in, voila!

I made it several inches longer than the pattern said, and it's still none too long! I need to block out the bottom, so it'll lie down flat, but generally I'm very pleased with it.

I will now work on teeny dpns and finish Arthur's sock, and giant dpns to make a pair of mitts to match my Limeade scarf!

We had a quiet New Year's Eve last night. We used to have the Toddler Friendly New Year's Eve party, where people would come at 5:30, have potluck supper, and home by 9. Most often someone was pregnant, so the champagne consumption was minimal. The kids would have a party, and we'd all yell "Happy New Year" whenever anyone had to go home, so it was fine.

This year we're all pooped out after our Christmas week of festivities, so we just stayed home en famille and struggled to stay awake enough to play Clue and eat popcorn. The kids insisted on staying up till midnight -- and midnight local time, not London time! -- though they would take a break once in a while to flake out on the couch. At midnight it was pouring rain -- ah! it'll turn to snow by morning! (not) -- and our internet was down, so we couldn't tune in to any exciting countdowns...

This lack of snow is driving us to desperate measures. There' s a park nearby with a skating rink, and the Zamboni clears the ice and dumps piles of snowy icy stuff outside. Since this is the only snow-like stuff in town, Arthur and a friend were out there today, excavating, trying to sled, getting totally wet and muddy. I'm wondering if it'll snow once they go back to school!


  1. The dress looks great :-)
    Happy New Year!

  2. looks great! very very cute.

  3. That daughter of yours gets more photogenic by the day; I was going to say that the 'new glasses' shot was the cutest ever, but now I think that maybe this is, instead! Love the dress, too.

  4. Pretty! The dress and the daughter.


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