Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Green socks number 1 priority, yessiree

That Lolly, she's got me again!

She and another knitter are both knitting green socks, so they made a button and invited us all to join in. Since I'm already knitting green socks, and hope to finish up soon, I'll grab this groovy button and knit along with them.

I was cleaning beside my bed again yesterday, and came across not just one, but three scarves in progress.

One is the lovely Branching Out I showed you the other day.

One is for Streetknit, and the kind folks at Knitomatic gave me the yarn when I took in my last batch of hats for them. Can't just leave free yarn lying around!

And one is a condo style scarf made with a ball of Kidsilk Haze and some other blue wool I got at some sale or other. Can't just have a single ball of KSH lying around!

So, when I said that the sock and the one scarf were the only things on the needles, I really meant they were the only things I was paying any attention to! Along with the scarves there are several other bits and pieces about the place. So, I'm going to con-cen-trate on the green socks. Indeed. Right now. Yes.

And the green socks and the Branching Out scarf will be done in the next 3 weeks, so that I can then take up something blue out of my pile, and finish that!

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  1. i think i am going to have to knit green socks and get a blog just so i can have that cool button.

    did i tell you i FINISHED MY SOCKS? yes, my 2 year long socks are now completed. i wore them last weekend and felt like a princess. i love them!

    thanks for the reminder about the red scarf... time for me to finish mine up too.


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