Friday, January 26, 2007

Done Branching

My Branching Out scarf is done!

This scarf was fun to knit, though I never quite felt comfortable doing it without the chart at my side. It does use 5 different kinds of decrease, so by the end of it you know for sure how to slant to left or right, get rid of one stitch or two, or make a straight line in your double decrease.

And it's pretty.... The yarn is Lady Godiva, wool and silk. I think it's the colour "Forest" with a wee bit of "Mineral." I wish I'd done what I'd originally intended, years ago when I bought this yarn, and worked a whole piece with the two yarns together. Mmmm!

I think this brings to 19 the number of Mary-handknit scarves in the house!

I made it about 4 feet long, and saved a bit of the green wool for my green mish-mash pile. This will one day be some marvellous ... not sure what! Blanket, perhaps? I'll see what else I have to do in green season of Project Spectrum!


  1. Your Branching Out is lovely! I found that blocking mine really opened it up, if that is what you are going for. It would be so very soft in Lady Godiva!

  2. I love your branching out! I'll add it to my "nice to knit one day" mental list I keep. I also just added the Argosy scarf... now all I need to do is buy myself some new Kureyon. I'm still trying to decide what to do with my 3 skeins of manos that was supposed to be a scarf for Brian...


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