Monday, January 15, 2007

After delurking week!

Looky that, I ask for comments, and I get comments! Not 801, like some people, but that's fine...

And some of the comments are easy to deal with (yeah, hi, guys) and some are more challenging.

Heather G -- Nice new two-headed blog! (And even though I am knitting from stash, I can still go to Alterknit to buy some needles and a brownie some day. Some day....)

Robyn -- I'm glad you got all that out! My brother does stained glass,too, and I think at about the same pace. Say hi to other Mary! And I think you are right about the photos, but why, oh why did old Blogger act more sensibly? I don't think this is an improvement. I sized this picture of my amaryllis down, and hope it works.

Lisa -- Yes, the hub is a super amazing physicist, as I understand. And you know, when you get to the oral defense part of the process, everyone will be so keen to recognise your excellence. Really.

And, the tough one, Anonymous Lucia. First, not tough, she asks for the name of the sock pattern: It's called Swordfish, and comes from an ancient Patons book, I think no longer in print, though they tend to reprint things these days. See the little fishy tails?

And then, she asks what I miss about the UK! Whoo.

I miss living in a small place, where I can walk across town without really thinking about it. And I miss being a foreigner -- I didn't have to get upset about increasing traffic in town, or have an opinion about the new shopping arcade or the recycling program. Here, things happen and I know that if they build some big building up the street I will have to live with it for the foreseeable future. So, I could be more detached from stuff there.

And I miss walking over a bridge over a river whenever I went anywhere, and I miss the frequent travel to very great places! And things being old, and of course the thrill of a new post box...

Plus also, right now we are experiencing freezing rain, ice pellets, and perhaps even snow this afternoon. The Brits don't stand for stuff like that!

So, thanks to all for saying hello, and don't be shy!

And now, a bit of knitting.

Both green socks are finished, toes grafted, all is well. The pattern was fun to knit, but since it's an adult pattern and I was knitting for an almost-10-year-old, I made them on 2 mm needles, which is toooo small! They fit fine, but my next trick will involve a simple ribbed sock, on the way-bigger 2.25 mm needles. Okay, not really much bigger, but if I don't have to check to make sure I did a p2tog on the previous row, I should be fine!

But now I have finished the green sock KAL, so, no more cool button...