Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Actual knitting news

I brought with me a pink, tiny-needle sweater for my daughter, and I started a sock on the plane but didn't get very far on it, since I was sitting between my two kids who always needed me to do something, and I have the never-ending sweater for the hub, which I just need to sew together and make the button band, but it's been in that state for months.

But, I had to explore around, and found a shop with all sorts of yarn, and the British stuff like Debbie Bliss and Rowan were way cheaper than in Toronto, and wowee wow wow, I found some Rowan Big Wool in the sale bin! So I got 5 balls for 16 pound something, which seems a great deal, and I immediately tossed everything else aside and started a sweater for my son. Two days, 15 mm needles, and I'm almost done! I've been trying to post pictures and have not had great success, but I'll keep trying.

Still getting settled, but we went up our back lane last night and discovered 2 B&Bs, a little store, a car rent place and a pub, so we are fast discovering all we need.

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