Sunday, July 31, 2005

A bit of a traffic jam of punts.

Yesterday we went punting. These are punts. Don't they look peaceful?
It's actually quite hard to stay stable and push the giant long pole down in the river and push the boat along. I did it for about a minute, and the rest of the time my hub did it. Lots of people were out and there were small collisions here and there. I think if we have visitors we could go for the deal where you get a pro to punt you and tell you engaging stories. Some people even had a glass of wine as they drifted along the water. You do get to see lovely things as you are punting along. The green grass, the golden buildings, the blue sky... It is a lovely town, and the sun has been shining lately, which is much preferable to the dribbly rain of the previous few days. The gardens are amazing. Maybe flower pictures next time!

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