Thursday, July 28, 2005

An almost sweater

Now I just have to line up the second sleeve to match the first, sew the sides and sleeves, and I'm done. I pick up the sleeve stitches and knit down. That needle in the bottom corner is a 15 mm, and as I went on, I realized I had a 10 mm, which I used for the neck and sleeve cuff, but when I started at the bottom of the back, I just did a bit of seed st with the 15.

Since we don't live around the corner from the grocery store here, as we did in Toronto, I am constantly running out of stuff. Today I'm going to walk to the big Tesco, get a ton of stuff and find a cab to come home in. We did find a little store for milk and stuff nearby, but it's going to be a big change doing shopping for a week at a time!


  1. Hi Mary. I finally figured out what the title of your blog means. Duh! I was thinking of cam as in web cam, not bridge over the river cam. 15 mm sounds like an awfully thick needle. Is it? Some things about the UK: nobody goes shopping once a week, everybody goes every day (a generalization). Everything is expensive once you figure out how many dollars you have really spent (another one). A bottle of wine for 8 pounds sounds like a bargain until you realize it is 20 C$.

    Robert has finished reading Harry Potter and i have started.

    See you,

  2. Hey cool blog! I'm sorry you had a run in with the meanies at the wool shop.. I guess they figure since there are only two places to buy yarn in Cambridge, they have the luxury of being rude. Also, just as a side note, Tesco will deliver your groceries to your house (as will Sainsbury's, Asda, etc), and if your order is over a certain amount, they'll do it for free. This saved me the first year I lived here and was miles away from any shop. Let me know if there's any Cambridge-related info you need.
    Donna Mafia


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