Monday, July 04, 2005

Here we go!

This blog is meant mainly for my family and friends while I am in England. I hope to write lovely things about our new home, and I also hope to chronicle my knitting! I am taking with me a big secret project, which I think will keep me occupied for quite a while, and I am sure I will find socks and hats to knit when I get bored with that!

Right now we are in packing mode. We leave in a couple of weeks, and are furiously packing and cleaning to leave our house with tenants for the year. It's amazing what one finds: 75 Deutsch marks, now more or less useless, were being "saved" in the kitchen cupboard; a thingy on which one can put sneakers in the dryer (I think) was finally tossed, since we haven't used it in the past 13 years; and the huge quantity of knitted hats is now obvious for all to see, since we've sorted the stuff in the front hall.

More later...

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