Sunday, July 24, 2005

Here in our house

We made it! We had an uneventful flight -- same old boring child meal we had when flying to Vancouver: spaghetti-ohs and canned peas -- but we got to Heathrow, and made it through the passport line in jig time, since I was just picking up miserable Elaine when an official walked past, and we were sent to the very short People with Miserable Kids line. So that was fast and efficient! Trouped over to the Central Bus Station, where we quickly got a bus to Cambridge. One kid flooded the on-board toilet and the other threw up, but what the heck...

Our house is fine. We will have to be efficient about washing up, and put things away and generally not try to spread stuff all over the place, since it's not a large place, and there are all sorts of English things to get used to -- I finally figured that I not only had to turn the electric kettle on, but flick a switch to turn the plug on, too! The previous tenants here also left a ton of stuff. The coffee filters are appreciated, but the open packages of rice are not! We, indeed, dumped our half-empty rice packages on friends before we left, but we didn't leave them for strangers. Oh well, there'll be a bit of an adjustment period! The neighbourhood is lovely, and we have hollyhocks in the garden and the river just a short walk away. I think it'll be great!

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  1. I just figured out how to respond to this blog. I'm too old for funny items like blogs --- but keep it up Mary --- we can keep track of your progress this way.

    Grandma Dee


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