Friday, July 22, 2005

We're off!

Everything is set, we've got the papers, we've bought several new bags to put all the stuff in, we've packed away all my knitting needles! And this afternoon we are really truly getting on a plane for England! I hope the kids (and adults!) will be able to sleep on the plane, as we arrive at 7 am, and then have to take a 2-hour coach ride to Cambridge. And finally, I will be knitting on the Cam!

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  1. Hi, Mary. Well, I'm glad you're finally on the way. I hope the trip wasn't too exhausting, and that you were all able to sleep on the plane.
    I finished Harry Potter. What did you think? I won't ask any direct questions until I know if you've finished it, too.
    Bon Voyage - a bit late. Take care. Diane


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