Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's in the mail

Yippee! The visas are being couriered to us, and in a few days, we'll be outta here! We just have to tame the piles of junk we brought across the street to our crash pad, and we're set.

We did manage to leave our house spotless and lovely for the tenants. They were impressed, since they'd seen it 48 hours earlier, and it was ankle deep in "miscellaneous." I feverishly did laundry all day.... I know some people have "laundry day" once a week or whatever, and wash sheets and towels and clothes all day long, but I tend to throw in a load whenever the urge hits me, so to be constantly feeding things into the washer and folding things out of the dryer all day long was crazy for me! Meanwhile, clean a bathroom, vacuum a rug, make the kids do all their eating on the porch... Our house in England seems from the pictures to have one bathroom and a small kitchen, so I might even be able to keep up with things!

The visas should take a day or two, so I expect we'll be flying by the weekend! I'll let ya know!

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