Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A few pictures from Monday

Yesterday I had a lunch date downtown. I made my way down there past the US consulate, where a rally was organized. Actually, not really organized, but happening anyways. I think the first notice went up on Facebook Sunday morning. They seemed to make it up as they went along, and that worked just fine.

There were a few hundred people, some of them wearing their pussyhats. I love this sign, Make America vote again!

"It's -15 and I'm from Iran. That's how much I hate Trump!" (Really, only -11!)

Having enjoyed the vibe, admired the signs and taken a few pictures, I carried on to lunch. Nothing special, though I did have a cocktail involving gin, grapefruit juice and ginger beer, which was quite tasty. I really meant to take pictures of the food, because another friend said she would try to recreate the meal at home, but I completely forgot, because taking pictures of your food is crazy... isn't it?

We were near City Hall and I popped in (washrooms in the basement...). This is very hard to photograph, because it is a giant wall of nails.

See, all different sizes of nails. A very 60s work of art. I love how some of the nails are shiny because people rub them!

As I was leaving I met these two. Lego Batman and Robin. I suspect there is more to this story. Oh, yes. 

We have the Toronto sign, and now it has a Canada150 maple leaf added. I guess that's fine, but it's like mixing wool and acrylic to have municipal and federal things together like that. Canada will be 150 years old this summer; a friend of mine is drinking only Canadian wines this year to celebrate. I don't have a project yet...

I like it this way best!

Finally, I was walking up through a park on my way home and came across this sad scene. Or maybe it is a happy scene; the person managed to walk away without their stick.

And I walked home from my big day of decadent lunching and rallies and even a return visit to the Textile Museum, bought some groceries and made supper. The end.

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