Friday, January 20, 2017

Eye candy Friday

Eye Candy Friday is a thing we used to do in the golden olden days of blogging, and I think it's a fun thing to do. I'll try more regularly to put up a nice picture of something on a Friday, just to brighten us all up.

This past week I went to my favourite little museum, the Textile Museum of Canada. These bits of eye candy are from an exhibition of works by Sheila Hicks. Ammmmaaaaaazing.

These are little bundles all up on the wall. Things wrapped in fabric, in threads, in string.

These below are gigantic. Too bad it was in a museum and I couldn't get someone to go stand there for scale; each of these things could be a floor pillow for sitting on. More wrapping, some sparkles.

Mainly, Sheila Hicks is a weaver, and has made many of these small weavings, often including things like sticks or shells or corn husks. This image also includes the reflection of the photographer!

For some reason, on my way home, I was compelled to take a picture of some tied-up recycling...

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