Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A hat for the weekend

A funny picture taken with the camera on the computer, so I am ill-lit and backwards... but I needed a quick picture of me in my pussyhat.

There is a women's march here in Toronto on the weekend, so I will go. I'm not sure what good any of it will do, but better to march than not, even if you're in a different country from what you are protesting. And of course, there are many women's issues one could deal with in our own country!

And, yes, I've read the nay-sayers. And the rebuttals. I think the hat is a nice verbal pun, a marker of solidarity, and an acknowledgement of "women's work."

My hat is made of nice red wool and some Barbie-pink acrylic found on the floor of my daughter's room. It has knots in it and the colours are... terrible. But if it helps focus attention on how intolerable Mr Trump is, then it's all good.