Monday, January 23, 2017

Of course I marched

We got to Queen's Park at noon on Saturday, expecting, perhaps, a bit of rah-rah speaking and then a march. We got an hour of garbled, squawky, hard to catch words... "this is what diversity looks like," and "domestic violence," and "minimum wage." We had Idle No More and Black Lives Matter and the NDP, but a PA system in an open park, with excited chattering people all around, was insufficient. I'm sure those people had fun giving their rousing speeches, but next time, I'm going half an hour late, at least!

We did have plenty of time to observe those around us. This woman, for example, was quickly knitting up a pussyhat.

A very Canadian way to hold up your sign: a hockey stick and duct tape.

When we finally got on our way, we admired this woman's Lady Eleanor shawl and asked her about it. She knit it herself, but she said she hardly wore it. But now, she said, she would wear it everywhere! Knitter's pride!

The walk was not very long, about two kilometres. I'm pretty sure that when the first people got to the end point, Nathan Phillips Square, there were still people back at the park; they say there were about 50,000 people! 

I'm sure you have seen a gazillion pictures from all around the world, but here's one of my favourites. I didn't take it myself, but nicked it from Facebook. Here we have Adrienne Clarkson, among other things a former Governor-General of Canada, and Margaret Atwood, great Canadian novelist, both in their late 70s, still marching...

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