Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Post and the tube

I saw a few post boxes in London, but I was surprised at how few there were. Have some been taken away because people are not mailing as much as they were? I didn't go searching, so maybe I just missed them. Anyhoo, here's a selection.

Love the George V boxes!

This next one is a cheat, because it's from a Victorian tableau in the Museum of London! It was the only VR I saw, however.

We happened in to the London Transport museum in search of a loo one day, and although we didn't see the displays, we did pop into the gift shop. We saw just how entirely cool the buses and tubes can be made. They sold little buses of course, and T shirts with tube maps, but also so much more. 

An oft-neglected part of the transit system: the upholstery! Each tube line, it seems, has its own upholstery, which they call moquettes, and of which they are quite proud.

Oh, so much to obsess about... If only I'd known this was special, I'd have taken a better picture. Apparently you can see the London Eye, St. Paul's and more in this.

Somewhere on the tube, perhaps the Piccadilly line.

No, wait, maybe this is the Piccadilly line!

This, for sure, is the District line.

Every day we rode the tube, and we had a few bus rides, too. It took us too long to figure out how to get an actual map of a bus route, so we were a tad nervous about just getting on a bus and hoping it would take us in the right direction.

A seat on a bus.

The architecture of the whole business is wonderful, from big to small.

Gloucester Road station, a temple to the railroads. 

Some iconic roundels.

The tile decoration in some of the stations is quite astonishing. I'm so glad someone spent the time and labour to make the stations little design masterpieces. We don't have much like this in Toronto...

Victoria line

And since this is a knitting blog:

This will be a "bed-wrap" or you might call it a shrug. Really, two sleeves connected over the shoulders. More on that later.

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