Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gossamer light lacy bed wrap

This is my first vintage accessory of 2017. The plan is to make one thing a month from my extensive collection of old booklets. 

So here you have the "Gossamer-light lacy bed-wrap knitted all-in-one."

You can perhaps see that the gently shifting rainbow colours flow from the orange cuff to maybe three-quarters of the way along. Then I was fudging and finding bits from other balls to finish! Some rainbows are soft and some are just RED, PURPLE, BLUE.

The blue cuff, knit at a slightly looser tension than the orange cuff! How annoying. 

The pattern is not symmetrical top-to-bottom, and I know some modern designers would have you knit up from each cuff and graft in the middle or some such onerous thing. I think this is pretty and it really doesn't matter if your lace points up on one sleeve and down on the other. Another thing our old-timey pattern-writer did was make all the decreases k2togs instead of pairing a k2tog with an SSK. As you can see, this, too, works just fine. The laciness of the lacy bed-wrap:

Full wingspan:

From the back:

Acting "natural":

Trying to look like the model in the book: 

Now for a week of knitting on my "real" project, before tackling another vintage accessory, perhaps a toilet roll cover or a tea cosy. 

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  1. It's lovely. Like a shawl that can't fall off.

    Interesting to hear about the different knitting style in the vintage pattern!


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