Thursday, February 01, 2018

Finally February

Here we are, a new month, no longer just the beginning of 2018.

What shall I do in February?

  1. The Ravellenic Games, formerly known as the Knitting Olympics. I have an official plan and an unofficial plan. The official one is that I will knit a bucketload of dishrags and such with all this cotton yarn. You'd think in 16 days I could knit 8 dishcloths? We shall see. My unofficial plan is that I will knit another bucketload of squares for blankets for refugees. You'd think that in 16 days... Since these are unofficial -- I won't get a little .pdf medal for the squares -- I've cheated and already started one. So I actually have 25 days! 
  2. I am this close to finishing Elaine's pullover. Just the neckband and a million ends to sew in. 
  3. Perhaps the end of February will see me casting on some lace when I'm done with all those squares. 

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