Saturday, February 03, 2018

Surf Hoodie done

I started this sweater back in the fall, and it is now done

and being worn.

You can tell by the name, Surf Hoodie, that it is meant to have a hood, but we decided against that. It is also supposed to have a gaping neckline, but we decided against that, too! Basically, just a sweater, with those cool, overlong sleeves.

When I knit four- or six-row stripes, I carry the unused yarn up the side, but for some hare-brained reason, this time I cut it. The stripes are 18 rows, which is quite a way to carry the yarn, but, oh, those ends! It took me hours to sort all those ends. Much grumbling, I can tell you.

Now I am amusing myself with a square or two, but I'm not finding them actually very amusing and will look out another "real" project soon.

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