Monday, February 12, 2018

Muffin Monday: Chocolate chocolate chip

Muffin = healthy snack, right? Chocolate muffin... hmm.

Usually if we need a chocolate muffin, which we often do, I make Choco-Wheat Germ, my favourite recipe from that favourite muffin book of mine, but this recipe, Chocolate-Chocolate Chip, is from a Cooking Light baking magazine, and has none of that good-for-you wheat germ. It also has less sugar and more cocoa. It does have mini choc chips -- half a cup of minis means way more chips for the same amount of chocolate! So, totally decadent, but not as sweet.

Classically misshapen muffins! I thought they looked like the Joy of Cooking illustration showing the perils of over-mixing, but while searching for a good picture online, I discovered it might be because I used my convection fan instead of cooking them "still." There's nothing wrong with them really, but perhaps I will not use convection for muffins in the future.

They are fine, but I think my love for the Choco-Wheat Germ muffin holds strong. I guess a side-by-side taste test might be in order!

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  1. Look pretty good to me! How's the Olympic knitting?


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