Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Knitting, continued

This lovely green tweedy thing is the back of Arthur's Weasley sweater. It's getting there. It's not going to be used as a mousepad, but you get the scale this way! This is actually the thing that has to be finished third in the near future, but it's the one I'm working on anyways! First is E's Weasley, then my Olympic venture... I'm very behind schedule in my knitting, actually. This morning I helped take Elaine's class (22 five and six-year-olds) to the Folk Museum to learn about old-fashioned toys, and so missed out on my Wednesday knitting lunch!

But that's not why we're here today, folks...

You may recall the scraps of Colinette Point 5 I brought home from the yarn swap.

Well, I quickly knit up an octagon in the two colours, and this is all I could come up with. It was quite pretty, but pretty useless!

So last night I threw it in a pillowcase in the hot wash, and it came out, some time later, somewhat smaller!

I won't do any "important" felting in this machine, as I can't stop it half way through and check on things! It just goes... It will take some use and hot pots being put on it to flatten it out properly (it's not going to be a mousepad, either!) as it got kind of extra-scrunched in the pillowcase, but it's still quite pretty.

I do want to do a felted bag with my lovely Maya, but I think I will wait till I'm home with my old top-loader to felt it!

And I've begun training for the Olympic sweater. I made a swatch with 6mm needles and Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky, and found the fabric too tight, so I had to go out and buy 6.5s. I can't believe I still have gaps in my knitting needle repetoire! And upon mature reflection, I realised I ain't cabling anything on trains, so I picked an easy chevron, not-very-lacy pattern, with those flattering vertical lines, and now I think I'm settled on that. I wonder if one could swatch a piece just about the right size to become the front of a vest in a pinch... But no, I'll play by the rules...

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