Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You meet the nicest folk in the pub

This great big sweater and I went to the pub with the knitters last night. We found a table with good lighting, but it was right under a speaker, so chit chat had to be more of a shouting match. There was a bit of a yarn swap -- everyone brought the stuff they reallllly didn't want any more, and after the few gems were snapped up, a lot of it stayed on the table! And, when there were only 2 of us left, we discovered a couple of unclaimed bags under the table, too! (Claire has them....) I took a few balls for the kids to knit with at school, but Arthur now tells me his teacher has 4 boxes of yarn already!

We got to see Anne's sock and a half, which was a treat, and Liz's knitting that seems to grow on its own, she knits so fast. And Rosie was there, and Claire, and Bekki.

But the best thing was that after most of our gang had left and we were down to two, we were joined by some girls who wanted to learn to knit! (And I can call them girls, because they were young enough to be my children, and really, I hope they had warm jackets somewhere to cover up all that nekkid flesh on that cold, cold night...) Actually, only one of them wanted to learn to knit, and Claire gamely showed her, while her friends came and went. It was a learning experience for us all -- who knew you could get such fancy jewels for the belly-button piercings? The world was richer by one knitter by the end of the evening, and she took a ball of purple acrylic from the unloved stash pile! I wish I'd had my camera, coz I'd bet our new pals would have posed for me!

We'd sure have different knitting nights if they joined us regularly. When they left our table, they were seen sitting with many handsome boys, I hope telling them all about knitting, but I doubt it.


  1. Great description of a good night's knitting - I'm definitely going to bring spare needles next time though!

    (And you're very modest about your sweater - it's gorgeous)

  2. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment about my recently completed sweater. You asked about the collar -- it's Fleece Artist Curlylocks. Not sure if you can get Fleece Artist in the UK? You might need to send home for some! Looks like you're having a wonderful adventure overseas.

  3. Why oh why I did come to see this blog! :)

    I don't speak well english, and it's now a bad thing.

    Well maybe, jsut maybe... I'll now try to study english more...


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