Sunday, January 08, 2006

Flowers and knitting together

Flowers! Today I saw a couple of primroses in my back yard, forsythia, which I pronounce for- sith-ia, with a short i, and the English apparently pronounce Forsythe - ia, with a long i sound -- and these pink blossoms! Can we have been looking at snow a week or so ago? I tell ya, I love this English winter! It will be months before these delights are seen in Toronto. Now if only the sun could stay up till dinner time! That's noticeably improving, though...

So, I must get all this dang knitting out of the way, right?? Okay, I'll give you a pic of the front and most of the back of Elaine's Weasley sweater. The front looks sort of smunched because the stitches are on a circular needle, awaiting a 3-needle bind-off on the shoulders. So stay tuned for that. I think I will do the back of Arthur's, then the sleeves and necks, and not rush on and finish hers now.

And the Cambridge K Tog knitters are having not only SnBs this month, but yarns swaps at the same time. Here's the info:

The next 2 knit togethers are also going to be stash swaps: a chance for you to reduce (or maybe increase) your stash of yarn.
Just bring along any yarn/patterns/needles/knitting mags (whatever) that you are no longer in love with (or which are taking over your storage space) then dive in and see if someone else's cast offs are, in your eyes at least, treasure. You could strike lucky (I did, last time we stash swapped, when I realised that all the rust and kingfisher oddments I was planning to give away actually went rather well with some mohair and boucle yarns someone else had brought along. Will bring the scarf along to "show and tell").
OK the dates and venues are:
Sat 14 Jan Grads Cafe, top floor of the University Centre, Granta Place, off MIll Lane, 2-4pm. Just take the lift from the ground floor, there's no need to register at reception.
Tue 24 Jan The Regal, St Andrews St 7-9pm. They keep moving their non-smoking area (sometimes they change at about 6.30pm) so rather than try and guess where will be smoke-free let's go for the tables downstairs, at the back and hope it isn't too smokey. Light levels here aren't marvellous, so bring something fairly uncomplicated to work on and just trust your intuition during the stash swap. Warning: over 21s door policy.

A report on my old friend's visit tomorrow, folks!


  1. Thanks for the SnB info - I'm aiming to definitely be at the Tues one, not so sure about the Sat - it's a _very_ long time since I've been to the Grad Pad!

    Hope to see you at one or the other.

  2. It could still snow again !

  3. My family says 'for-sith-ia', too, so it isn't just an Atlantic gap. Oooh - SnB AND yarn swap! I'll have to see if I can get along to one or more of these!

    BTW, lunch SnB this week is Friday again; I have to go look after the puppy tomorrow, and H is taking delivery of a freezer. Alison


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