Friday, January 13, 2006


Hey, it's National De-lurking Week, so stop lurking, and drop me a comment! Pin my map! Tell me you're here!

And then I'll tell you that I'm working on the back of Arthur's Weasley sweater, and got quite a lot done today, since I walked his class to the swimming pool, chaperoned the 11 8-year-old girls in the changing room (where I listened to a discussion on the merits of certain £12-a-bottle nail varnish!) and then got to sit and knit while they swam. And then I went out knitting with Alison, Hilary and Scarlett! So I'm zooming along, unlike when I try to knit at home and get distracted by laundry and dishes and grocery shopping and all that stuff. I have no picture for you, but just imagine a dark green tweedy hunk of stocking stitch...