Monday, January 09, 2006

Old chums

Here's the happy scene at our house Saturday night! A bunch of nuts sitting on the couch. It was really great to meet Alison again after all this time, and it's always funny how easily the conversation flows, 20 or 30 years later...

We had a nice dinner and chit chat, and then Sunday morning we took her round the town a bit, showed her our bridge and our river and our King's College Chapel and then she had to drive off home across the country and we had to go visit more kids! (And as Elaine noticed this morning, there's no "washing the dishes" included in there. I'm just digging out the kitchen now...)
We had a nice visit with the family of a colleague of Stephen's in the afternoon. They have a boy close to Arthur's age who also likes to do electronic things and take things apart and play with remote control cars... so we had a grand time!

And in knitting news, the preview of the new Vogue Knitting is up. It looks better than they've been lately. Fewer odd-shaped shrug-like things. I guess we'll just have to wait to see the real thing, though, and of course I'm not buying yarn, am I?? Ahem, although I did go and use my gift certificate this morning and get some Felted Tweed. I'm in a tweedy state these days, it seems. It is so soft and tweedy and nice and murky coloured....

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